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Grow Food Anywhere Without Soil and 95% Less water I Want One

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Grow Your Food

Our vertical hydroponic farming systems is a fully automated, which can fit into your balcony, rooftop and open land.
You can grow lettuces, herbs, greens and exotic vegetables at commercial scale in any climate or location without soil and 95% less water. We enable any individual, community, or organization to grow fresh produce year-round.

#Be an UrbanKisaan


Complete Farm Automation


Soil-less farming with 95% less water


Produces Higher yields and Faster aswell


Can grow crops 365 days, 24*7

Zero Pesticides

Zero Pesticides and Ferilizers - Safe food


Scalable from home sized to commercial level

Be An Urban Kisaan

How Does It Work?

Every day our team members get phone calls and emails with questions about how our farms can grow on a commercial scale in such a small space. Our answer? It's simple! All you need is water, electricity, basic supplies, and a little bit of love.

How Does It Work?

What Can you Grow?
We help you grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits & Exotics. From fresh and cripy lettuce,
rich and vibrant greens, fragrant herbs and colorful flowers.

Swiss Chard

A History of Success

With successfully operating in more than 5 states in India, we have years of experience helping farmers grow in all climates, 365 days a year.

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8000 +
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You're always in control

You're always in control

With our India's First AI app — your farm is as automated as you want it to be, under your complete control from anywhere in the world.

More about our AI app
We're in this together

We're in this together

UrbanKisaan live Support Team is just a phone call away, with remote diagnostic capabilities that help you focus on what matters most...

Our support services
Seedling Plants


We are in this together, no prior farming experience necessary!

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    I'm a Hobbyist and Explorer of new home farming techniques.

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    I'm an entrepreneur thinking about starting a new venture.

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  • Soil Farmer

    I'm a soil farmer who wants multiply yield and save money.

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  • Positive Change

    I'm looking to farm in my Hotel or corporate campus to create positive change in my community.

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