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1 Sustainable

Hydroponics is the fastest growing soil-less farming practice at a global level, wherein a tailored nutrient solution is used for the crop to attain its full growth with a superior quality in a sustainable manner.

2 faster and higher quality

Hydroponics is proven to be approximately 1.5-2 times faster than traditional farming techniques hydroponic greenhouse environments can deliver strikingly higher yields per unit area—up to text-center what an identically sized soil-based farm can produce.

3 Secure and Easy

Of all the sectors in the global market, the most solid and secure from of investment is the food industry. Hydroponics does not suffer from the vulnerabilities of traditional farming and provides an early and safe return on investments.

Why Consider Hydroponic Farming As a Business?

Launch Your Farm Wondering how you can start farming? Here are the five main steps for making your vision a reality.

Find a Place To Farm

Find A Place To Farm

Your role: Our farms start from 1/4th of an acre with access to water and electricity. Identify a place and inform us.

Our role: We will assist you in analyzing the space identified for suitability and also we will assist in getting a subsidy for your farm from the state government.

Build Your Vision

Build Your Vision

Your role: Consider who your customers will be and where you can find them. This will help you determine a sales strategy: direct-to-consumer, wholesale to grocers and restaurants.

Our role: We will assist and connect you to retail chains, restaurants to ensure the produce is getting sold.

Make Your Investments

Make Your Investments

Your role: We understand that financing is an important aspect of any new venture. We have multiple options available to suit your needs.

Our role: We're dedicated to making sure each UrbanKisaan is successful, and we ensure only best of best technologies are delivered.

Kisaan Camp

Kisaan Camp

Our role: Learn everything about operating a hydroponic farm during a two-day intensive training at our headquarters in Hyderabad, where we combine in-farm sessions and classroom lessons.

Farm From Home

Farm From Home

Your farm comes fully-equipped with all components needed for immediate production, so you can start growing right away.

Your role: We estimate that you will need to spend about 20-48 hours a week to maintain the farm; these hours can be handled by one person, or split between a team.

Our role: We ensure that all our farms are healthy by doing routine health checks and our like we said earlier

Curious how much you can earn farming ?


Grow Your Knowledge Use our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and research to know more! We've compiled helpful articles and blog posts to guide you on your journey.

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